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    Hey guys, here is the site. Pretty plain right? Yeah that is because i'm still working on our personal graphics so i figured i would get his up and going until that point. Please sign up and check the site often, i'm Sure once Tera see's it he may want to start scheduling some runs, whether it be upper levels or just low level dungeons for you lower levels.

So lets get to work and get leveling, Oh and don't forget about the Teamspeak Server (link will be added soon).

Please feel free to e-mail me and Idea's through the site of course. Also this is just a Temp location and site, our will be better i PROMISE but have the same kinda of stuff ;) ;) 

Thanks all

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

bytemike, Nov 24, 11 6:13 PM.
Just wanted to pop in and say happy thanksgiving to all. Lytas is Hard at work on our guild Info Script! We have the guild website in there now.

I would assume that is how you got here

Lets go get to 80 LoL 6 mans start soon... Sign up today!

We got our site

bytemike, Nov 3, 11 2:54 PM.
Hey guys check it out we finally got our site up and going. Still a work in progress of course, Any idea's? questions Comments? 

Good Luck and Gratz Early

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Currently we are looking for all classes and levels. Although we do really need some more healers.
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